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Prohibited Products

Prohibited Products

The products forbidden to be transported within the scope of International Cargo Transportation (Express Courier Service) are as follows.

1. The export of the Ministry of Trade is prohibited, products related to products subject to pre-authorization and registration are prohibited to be transported within the scope of express courier. Permit and registration applications must be made through the Single Window System (TPS). Since TPS is not compliant with the Electronic Trade Customs Declaration (ETGB), the items subject to restriction must be exported by the official declaration method (TCGB). Among these products;

Safety glasses

- Liquid proof aprons: Protective aprons used against chemicals

- Protective masks: Gas, dust and radioactive dust filter masks

- Medical and surgical masks *

Protective work clothes

- Medical sterile and non-sterile gloves

- Meltblown fabrics (GTIP 56 03) - Subject to registration

2. Flammable - explosive and corrosive dangerous substances

3. Handmade explosive and igniter devices and other explosive materials and derivatives

4. Degradable biological and radioactive materials.

5. Drugs such as opium, morphine, cocaine and cannabis.

6. Bullets, empty casings, pistols, hunting rifles, all kinds of air and firearms, parts and bullets

7.Fireworks and other products containing flammable explosives

8.Passport, identity card and similar official documents

9. Non-original copies, imitations, imitation products of copyrighted branded products.

10. 3-D printers that are manufactured and only operated by firearms.

11. Medicine

12. Magnet products

13. Liquid or chemical containing products without MSDS certificate

14. Money, check, promissory note etc. valuable papers and precious stones such as gold, silver and jewelery.

15. Tobacco and tobacco products

16. Explosive or flammable products such as batteries and batteries

17. Knife-like cutting tools

18. Perfume, deodorant

19. It may deteriorate in a short time; meat, chicken, fish, intestines, raw leather, kitchen oils and eggs, liquid detergent, machine oils, plastic and oil paints.

20. Live, non-living animals.

21. Organ and funeral.

22. Heavy, pointed substances in thin packages that may tear the package.

23.All articles that are prohibited by law or regulation from leaving the country and entering the opposite country,

24.Compressed or liquefied gases or gases dissolved under pressure

25.Magnetic products


27. Products that are sent abroad for repair and returned.

28. Works of art, antiques, publications prohibited by any applicable legislation or regulation or audiovisual media

29. Any substance that is prohibited by the relevant legislation to buy, sell, carry or hand over.

It is your responsibility to check and guarantee that your shipments are not Banned Products according to the current Banned Products list. Accordingly, if a Banned Product is detected among your shipments, the shipment will be retained to be returned to you, and after each Prohibited Product shipment is detected, it will be retained by notification to the Police, Customs Directorate and other relevant administrative units, reserving the right to terminate the contract. 100 EUR will be invoiced per bill of lading. We remind you that there are no prohibited products in your international shipments and that you should check before the delivery of the shipment to Turkbox.

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