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About Us

About Us

With its experience of more than 10 years in its sector, TurkBox is a "Cargo Forwarding and Foreign Trade Operations" Company that offers Customized Logistics, Transport and Foreign Trade solutions with its expert team, result-oriented services and global giant solution partners. TurkBox aims to bring the most distant regions of the world one step closer to you, our valued customers, in this direction, the company policy; has adopted the principle of customer satisfaction, sustainability and trust.

As Turkbox, we have been offering you trouble-free and fast shipping and safe logistics services for years. We always analyze and implement the best cargo options for you with our competent personnel and foreign trade experts. While doing this, we provide special discounts to platforms such as Amazon, Etsy and Instagram that export for our country. You can send your packages abroad at discounted prices within the scope of our policy, which we adopt as a principle of customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our world-leading solution partners, we are currently shipping to 226 countries in total. Now, when you want to send your packages, you will no longer have to worry about shipping issues. We complete all of these submissions in the fastest and most reliable way with our reliable system and our employees who are experts in their fields. You can access this information at the pricing stage given to you while providing shipping and select a price range according to the shipping time. You can provide a fast order, as well as have the opportunity to ship at more affordable prices within the same quality standards. You can examine the "Overseas cargo shipping" section, which includes options such as sea transportation, and you can get more detailed information.

If you are selling from platforms such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and Instagram, Turkbox will be the most accurate shipping address for you. Thanks to the shipping companies we have contracted with, such as Ups, Fedex and DHL, we deliver your packages to the buyers quickly and without any problems. While doing this, we offer you the opportunity to benefit from our discount packages within the scope of "Micro Export Support" that we offer. You can take advantage of these packages free of charge and you can send quality cargo to all over the world with Turkbox privileges. For more detailed information about this special offer, you can visit our "Special Services" section.

We are a company that always offers the best for our customers with the shipping options we have provided all over the world. Thanks to the advantageous packages we offer to companies, corporate companies and individual senders, we aim to end the "high-priced shipping" problem and offer cargo options at more affordable prices. By keeping strong ties with giant companies such as Ups and Fedex that are with us in this goal, we ensure that the package to be shipped always reaches the delivery address reliably. Those who have chosen Turkbox privileges for more than ten years have been winning, you can work with us and be among the winners.

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