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How to Calculate Weight?
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By clicking the live support button on the home page; You can instantly contact Turkbox customer consultants for all your questions, suggestions and complaints.

By clicking the live support button on the Home Page; You can instantly contact Turkbox customer consultants for all your questions, suggestions and complaints.

With Turkbox, you can deliver your shipments to 226 countries of the world at affordable prices, at jet speed and safely.

International Sea Freight

With Partial Sea Transportation, we transport your commercial cargo cheaper and reduce your costs. Please contact for advantageous prices.

Special Advantages for Companies

As a Turkbox corporate member, you can take advantage of all company-specific advantages for your continuous and high volume shipments.

Micro Export Support

If you are selling from Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Instagram etc. trading sites, you can benefit from Turkbox's Micro Export support for free.

Returns Management

Send your e-commerce undeliverable, or we ensure your products are not accepted by the recipient to be brought back to Turkey again.

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions by our customers.

How to Calculate International Shipping Fee?

First of all, you need to know the weight and dimensions of the cargo you want to send. If you have this information, you can calculate the estimated international shipping cost by entering the country you want to send, kg and dimensions on the "Overseas Shipping Calculation" section on the main page of our website.

How to Send Cargo Abroad?

To Send Cargo Abroad:

A) You are a member of our website and register your personal address information and the address information of the person you send to the system.

B) You make your payment by money order or credit card on our website.

C) You deliver your cargo to us

How do we bring you our cargo from any city in Turkey?

After making the payment and preparing your shipment, you can go to any branch of our contracted partner Yurtiçi Kargo and send your package to us free of charge without paying an extra charge.

To the sender:

Your name and your surname

It is enough to write your address and phone number.



To the receiver part:


"680649583" It is enough to write Turkbox Istanbul Cevizli branch.

Your package arrives at our Istanbul Transfer center within 1-2 days and is sent abroad between 15:00 and 17:00 in the afternoon.

The tracking number of your shipment, which is forwarded abroad, is instantly sent to your e-mail address.

How To Send The Cheapest Shipping Abroad?

The first condition of the cheapest cargo shipment abroad is to bring the packaging of your package to the minimum size. After this stage, you can safely send your international cargo abroad via Turkbox.

How to Send the Fastest Cargo Abroad?

Those who want to send Fast Cargo abroad must definitely ship abroad with a cargo company that provides "air cargo" service.

How many days does cargo arrive abroad?

Your overseas shipments are delivered to Germany and all over Europe in 1-2 business days, 2-3 business days to America, and 1-5 business days to destinations worldwide. Please contact us to avoid situations such as war, emergency, exceptional remote area, etc. that prevent or delay shipments from reaching abroad and to learn the exact delivery times by country.

How to Trace Cargo Sent Abroad?

If you made your shipment via Turkbox; A special international cargo tracking number is created for your shipment.You can track your shipment instantly by typing this number in the international cargo tracking field on our homepage.

What are the Conditions to Send Cargo Abroad?

Except for sending products that are prohibited to be transported as specified in the legislation, there is no requirement for using Turkbox international cargo services. By subscribing to our site, you can easily send your cargo to 226 countries of the world. You can make your international shipments personally from your personal account or, if you have a company, from the corporate accounts you have created for your company.

What Cannot Be Sent with International Cargo?

For a complete list of products that are prohibited to be sent abroad, such as flammable - explosive and corrosive dangerous substances, non-original copies of copyrighted branded products, imitation products, products with liquid or chemical content without an MSDS certificate, "Products Prohibited" at the bottom of our homepage. Take a look at our article titled.

What Can Be Sent With International Cargo?

Copyrighted textile products, souvenirs, home accessories, company and office documents, home appliances, furniture, bijouterie products, all commercial products that are not prohibited under the law ... Please contact us for a detailed list.

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“ Really fast and smooth thanks ”


“ My package was delivered quickly and as advertised thank you ... ”

Murat Ceyhun

“ Hello. The package was delivered 2 days after receipt. The service and packaging are very successful. Thank you. ”

Hakan Çarkacı

“ I recommend for international shipping! A ++++ ”

Umut Saygılı

“ It is excellent that we can make one-to-one contact. Your prices are also very reasonable. I recommend it to my surroundings with peace of mind. ”

Serkan Özler

“ Ankara 2-3 days outgoing packets from Istanbul to America from Turkey reached more quickly. Thank you, time was very important to us. ”

Hüseyin Özcan

“ We need institutional tried really like your company in Turkey. It was an effortless post. I'm talking about you to those around me. ”

Zeynep Uslu

“ It was a fast and smooth delivery. Hope to see you again. ”

Ali Karaman

“ I live in France, my shoes arrived in just 2 days. Thank you. ”

Seda Açıkgoz

“ It really made our job that they are in direct contact with us. Thank you for being always available ”

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