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Transport Agreement

Transport Agreement



1-In this contract, Transporter-UTS Consulting Services B.C (TURKBOX); Sender: Real or legal person sending cargo; Cargo refers to the real or legal person to whom cargo is sent, Cargo: The package (package: sample, gift, portable product within the scope of import and export) document (document: accepted as non-commercial document) or commercial product. 2-Cargo shipments are carried out in accordance with the existing laws (IATA, local and international air transport law), the rules of the carrier's (main carrier companies and our side) and the rules of this contract. 3-The shipments rejected by the buyer are notified to the sender by phone or mail. If no response is received from the sender and the recipient within 7 days, the document, package or commercial product will be destroyed or returned to the sender in accordance with the laws and conditions of the customs of the country, and all costs incurred for these transactions (any customs tax, special transaction fees, return freight fee and return country customs costs) belong to the sender. 4-It is the sender's responsibility to ensure that the cargo is packaged by the relevant cargo personnel in a suitable and suitable form for all kinds of transportation conditions in land or air transportation vehicles. The sender is deemed to be the competent person and is obliged to ensure that the cargo packaging is in the strength, size and standard required by the cargo service. Cargoes received to be transported are checked for compliance with international rules in terms of content only. The sender is responsible for any material and moral damages that may occur during transportation, and the carrier is not liable to the sender and the receiver. Since the sender is responsible for the packaging, the claims arising from the sender cannot be accepted by the carrier. 5-Goods whose transportation is prohibited by law or rules or permitted but not submitted with the necessary documents, perishable, fragile, all kinds of odor, flammable, explosive, poisonous, fluid, corrosive, magnetic, radioactive, volatile gas and similar properties. items are not moved. Checks, bonds, policies, stocks, bonds, negotiable documents (any original documents without originals), ship's bill of lading, negotiable documents and other similar documents are not carried. The shipper cannot be held liable for damages arising from the transportation of such cargo that was not declared by the sender while delivering to the carrier, the carrier is not responsible for material and moral compensation in case of loss of the specified goods. 6-The cost of the cargo transported is due to the service condition to the countries specified by the carrier ) and according to the tariff set by the carrier, the transportation fee is charged. The sender guarantees to pay in cash and immediately all transportation charges and expenses (all kinds of fees, taxes and country distribution transfer costs that may occur at the customs of the sender and recipient country) arising from the carrier's tariff, laws and these terms and rules. The weight of the cargo transported is calculated by calculating the actual weight and volume weight (Volume weight = Width x Length x height / 5000) (dimensions are taken as cm) and invoiced by accepting the higher kilograms and Volumetric values.8-In commercial cargoes, it is a legal obligation for the sender to issue a shipment or invoice. .9- In accordance with the principle of confidentiality of private life as expressed in Article 20 of the Constitution, the content of the cargo delivered to the carrier by the sender is not considered. The carrier cannot be held liable to the sender and receiver for the loss of the cargo delivered to the carrier or the lack of content without the sender's content detection. Material and moral compensation cannot be claimed to the carrier. 10- The responsibility of the carrier is limited to the period from the date of receipt of the cargo to the date of delivery to the buyer. At the delivery of the cargo, the buyer should check the cargo and see whether it is damaged or not. The carrier is not responsible for the damage and other complaints made after the delivery of the cargo.11-If the buyer does not agree to pay the fee, the shipping fee and other expenses (including all kinds of sender, recipient country customs duties and taxes, custom transaction fees) are collected from the sender. 12-All kinds of sender, recipient country customs duties, taxes, custom transaction fees that may occur in transportation belong to the sender. Unless prohibited by the legislator, the carrier is invoiced to the buyer for all kinds of customs, storage, taxes, fees and other expenses arising from the buyer not providing the necessary documents and permits during transportation. If the buyer does not agree or does not pay, the sender is responsible for the payment of the costs. 13- With the international air transport of the carrier. Its relevant liability is limited by the provisions of international transport. Accordingly, in case the shipment is lost, the amount that the carrier is obliged to pay to the sender will be delivered to the carrier by the sender. n The total material value specified in the proforma invoice is included in the insurance premium carriage prices corresponding to the first 100USD (Hundred American Dollars) of the declared value. If the sender has not declared an additional value to the value declaration (customs value) section on the front side of the bill of lading, it is obligatory to deliver the proforma invoice of the same value to the carrier, the value to be accepted as the material price is accepted as the value written on the proforma delivered by the sender to the carrier. It accepts in advance that the maximum compensation value of the shipment remains within these limits. When a higher value insurance is requested by the sender, the sender must notify the carrier, and either the sender or the carrier can issue an additional insurance policy and insure the shipment for a maximum of 7,500 Euros (seven thousand five hundred euros). In this case, the sender pays the insurance premium. For shipments delivered with a proforma invoice over 100USD, transportation insurance must be made by the sender to prevent material and moral damage to the sender due to damage by the sender due to incorrect packaging during transportation, the insurance policy is not requested by the carrier, it is deemed to have been insured by the sender. The carrier cannot be held responsible for shipments that are delivered and set out without policy processing.14-The carrier delivers the cargo to any person who accepts to receive it at the recipient's address against signature. In this case, the carrier accepts the declaration of the recipient as correct and delivers it without asking for evidence such as identity card. Problems arising from the person receiving the delivery are not accepted by the carrier.15- In the period between the delivery of the cargo to the buyer after the carrier receives the cargo, the carrier is responsible for the delay and delay related to the aircraft and all kinds of vehicles, as well as the delay arising from customs inspection and other customs clearance procedures. 16- Delays and incorrect deliveries that may occur if the delivery address specified on the bill of lading as the delivery address of the shipment delivered by the sender is incorrect are the sender's responsibility, the shipment is not delivered and the delivery time to the revised address requested by the carrier, country time difference and out of center Address change and delivery are made within at least 3 and maximum 7 business days depending on the situation. Deliveries to mailboxes are deemed to be made to the recipient.17- The carrier does not risk any damages in returning the cargo that has not been delivered to its recipient upon the sender's instruction or has not been accepted by the recipient. The sender and the receiver are deemed to have accepted the consignment by delivering the relevant shipment to the carrier, which may be made to third parties or institutions for part or all of the transport operation applicable in the country.19- No service provider or personnel or representative of the carrier can change or remove any provision of these transport rules.20-Between the parties Related Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized in disputes arising from the rules.

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