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What Can Be Sent With International Cargo?

What Can Be Sent With International Cargo?

If you are an exporting business, if you are selling through e-commerce sites or your social media accounts, it may be inevitable for you to contact abroad. It is possible to expand your trade area thanks to the use of the internet today, where interaction with abroad is very common and effective. Of course, you can do all this internationally. These jobs both expand your market area and help increase the export rate of our country. Recognition of this country is very important in terms of contributing to the development of its economy. Products to be sold abroad should be planned and sales should be made internationally accordingly. Some products do not want to be transported by cargo companies because they are considered risky both during transportation and if they are reached, and their transportation is prohibited.

What Are The Products That Can Be Sent By Cargo?

The Ministry of Commerce publishes the list of products that cannot be sent abroad and updates it from time to time. It is useful to review this list before sending products abroad. Or, if you think that such a research is time consuming or there are points in the list that you think you do not understand, you can contact us at and get information about all the details at any time. Every shipment you send goes through the necessary checks without entering the country. If you have a package content that does not comply with the rules, it will be seized by the officers during the control. You also have to bear some extra costs associated with this. For this reason, you need to be careful about the content of the package you want to send abroad.

In general, what you can send abroad with cargo, it is useful to dwell on this detail. We can list the products you can send abroad by cargo as follows;

Company or office related documents

Export products

Fair equipment

Fair equipment

Export products

Printed products

Documents other than official documents

Food products (details should be well evaluated.)


Clothes, dress

Accessory parja,

textile products


Bijouterie products

Magazines, notebooks, books


Fitness and exercise equipment

Household appliances

Car parts

Lighting products

Plastic products


Engine, aircraft or boat parts


Blinds products


Documents, papers and documents



Sample products

Game supplies

Hobby products

Photocopy products

Computer parts

Glass and metal containers

Printed paper products

Photocopy papers

Catalogs and brochures

Construction materials

Lawn garden equipment


Plastic containers

Baby supplies


Power tools



Framed items

Medical device equipment

Bags, cans, bottles

Electronic products and accessories

Unbreakable home decors

Handcrafted products

Long rods


Pet items

Glasses and supplies

Sports equipment and equipment

Consumer electronics


Heater and coolers

Health and beauty care supplies

Musical instruments and equipment

Storage boxes

Hardware supplies

The way of packaging is as important as the package content for shipments to be sent abroad. Factors such as sloppy, incompatible with the product, pierced by sharp products, using thin packages for heavy products will also prevent your cargo from being sent. Since your shipment will be exposed to a distance, it may also experience a certain force and jolt during the landing and take-off of the aircraft, so the packaging process is of great importance for the security of the shipment, so that the package does not damage other shipments or the area where it is located. When packing your shipments abroad, the packaging option should be preferred according to the condition of the product, for example, if it is a product that will be broken, it should be protected with air packages or foams, and if it is a sharp product, packaging should be made to prevent the sharp object from leaving the package. You can send any product that is not against proper packaging and shipping abroad for delivery in a short time.

Your Overseas Cargo is Safe with TurkBox Quality

As Turkbox family, we would like to emphasize that the products listed above are general products. The list of products that cannot be sent abroad is updated from time to time by the Ministry of Trade. You should definitely check it before sending. In this regard, the responsibility belongs to either the person or the company. Of course, we are with you in this regard with our unlimited communication support. Until the international cargo process begins and the process is concluded in a healthy way.

There are some products that can be sent abroad, but they are subject to certain conditions for this. It is requested that both the shipper and the cargo company take responsibility for such products. For example, frozen products should not be thawed until they are delivered to the address. In this, the temperature of the package is Some auxiliary support materials can be added to the side of the product during packaging or the cargo company has a suitable storage area for such products during transportation. When these conditions are met, the product can be sent abroad by cargo. As long as the determined rules are followed, sending cargo abroad is a very practical and quick process. Especially if you prefer to benefit from our corporate structure as the Turkbox family, you can learn every step of your overseas shipment with the shipping code we give you on our website or by getting support from our online information line. We are constantly improving ourselves to deliver your shipments to the address in better conditions, and we are with you with our solution-oriented service approach.

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