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How Much Are Overseas Shipping Prices?

How Much Are Overseas Shipping Prices?

Sending cargo abroad has always been thought to be costly, so this idea has always been abandoned. However, with the spread of the internet all over the world, the age of digitalization has started and country differences in the world have disappeared. The most important factor in this has been the significant spread of e-commerce. E-commerce appeals to more people day by day. Today, most of the people have started to meet their needs through e-commerce sites. Therefore, if you have a store on a globally popular e-commerce site, or if you are doing e-commerce through your social media accounts, it will be normal to face foreign sales. Apart from these, those who have spouses, friends and relatives abroad will certainly feel the need to send cargo abroad from time to time.




International shipping prices are very advantageous today compared to previous periods. Compared to the past, companies have adopted both a reasonable price policy and a better quality service understanding. The number of companies that send cargo abroad has also increased, and parallel to this, a competitive environment has been created. Thanks to the competitive environment, both prices and services have increased. International shipping prices, of course, vary from company to company to a certain extent. However, any company that sends cargo abroad should not be evaluated only by considering the price, and should not be preferred. It should not be forgotten that, apart from the price, it is also very important that your package reaches the address where it will go safely.




Shipping abroad with the difference of TurkBox



As for the question of how much the international shipping prices are, you can instantly learn the current price information for your package you want to send abroad from the calculation template on our homepage by entering our website For this, you will need to choose the country you want to send your package to and enter the weight or volume of your package. In the light of these data, the system will allow you to see the amount you have to pay for your cargo on the screen. The most important detail you need to pay attention to here should be the weight of your package. If the package weight is different from the weight when the package reaches us, the difference is requested from you again. And this increases the time it takes for your cargo to arrive, delaying the arrival of your delivery.




Your packages to be sent abroad are evaluated either in terms of their weight or in terms of their volume, as well as the destination. Numerical data are taken into consideration when deciding which one will be taken as basis in determining the shipping price. If the weight of the package is excessive, the international cargo price is determined on the basis of its volume. For this reason, it is useful to keep the volume of your package as small as possible while performing the packaging process in order to benefit from cheaper international shipping. Packaging your shipment is extremely important in order to meet more affordable prices and not to exceed the specified package limits. Packaging options in international cargoes are limited to certain scales. In case of exceeding this limit, additional charges are required from you.




Overseas Shipping Prices Policy



As Turkbox, we have adopted a very affordable price policy for international shipping prices. We would like to point out that you can comfortably entrust all your shipment types to us. We deliver your shipments as soon as possible to the desired address safely and in the same form as we received the package from you. We help our corporate customers to keep their costs under control with special price advantages and contribute to their profitability targets. In addition, we provide the necessary information and support services free of charge to those who deal with e-commerce business. Whether it is individual or commercial, we deliver all your packages to 226 countries around the world at prices that will not burn your pocket, as soon as we receive them.




Shipping prices to abroad are determined at minimum amounts within our company, and when you ship abroad, you can quickly register to our system from your location. What you need to do is to enter our website and select the destination country of your shipment, write down the weight of your shipment or enter the required data to calculate the volume information. You can click the add to cart button below the shipment amount calculated as a result of the data you entered, and then open your registration to the system. After creating your registration, you will need to pay for the amount specified for your shipment. A shipment number will be provided to you after the payment has been processed. With this shipment number, you can send your shipment against us from the nearest Yurtiçi Kargo branch. After all these procedures, the rest is under our guarantee.




International Shipping Price Calculation

We mentioned that you can calculate international shipping prices on our Turkbox website. When your package reaches us, the calculation process is confirmed by our teams according to the weight of the package. If there is a difference, the difference is requested from you. Apart from this, if your package dimensions are out of the standards, if you have provided wrong address information, if your package is returned, if the person called at the specified address cannot be reached, additional charges may be added to the shipping cost you paid. For this reason, you should be careful when calculating the weight of your shipment and writing the name and address of the recipient and deliver your package by making the necessary checks. In addition, since the pricing of international cargo is made in Euro, different pricing can be applied on different days depending on the daily exchange rate for products that will go to the same destination and have the same weight.

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