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How is International Seaway (Ship) Transport Performed?

How is International Seaway (Ship) Transport Performed?

The most important problem of those who want to expand their export volume, those who export, and every company that wants to do international trade is logistics. Logistics can be briefly expressed as the process of delivering the goods ready for sale to the buyer. Since logistics is a factor that directly affects company costs, the company should make good logistics plans and choices. At the same time, the main objective is to deliver the goods to be exported to their buyers in a smooth, short time and in the most economical way. International transport can be made in different ways. Your exports; You can do it by choosing one of the highway, railway, airline and seaway options. The product to be transported and the cost you have to bear are very important in evaluating the options.

Businesses nowadays generally; It prefers sea transport for reasons such as more affordable price advantages, the ability to transport large quantities of products at once, and no damage to the products during transportation.

Why Should Sea Freight be Preferred?

Sea transport provides a very cost advantage compared to other transportation methods. There are three and a half times more affordable tariffs compared to railways and seven times more than airways compared to airways. This is indirectly reflected in the prices as the fuel used on the sea road is less than other methods.

It allows large volume and quantity products consisting of industrial products to be transported at once. This shortens your export time and affects your costs.

Since the borders and airspaces of different countries are used in road and air transportation, problems may arise from time to time within the country rules. In this sense, sea transportation is extremely safe.

Since the techniques of loading and unloading products are quite advanced in international sea transport, the process is shortened.

Let's come to the details of the question of how to do international maritime transport. Sea transport is generally divided into two according to the types of voyages. These two titles; It is called regular (liner) transportation and irregular (Tramp) transportation.

Regular (Liner) transportation: In this type of voyage, the arrival time of the cargo ship to the port and the date of departure are determined. Everything can be planned in advance. It is a service-oriented expedition type. In this transportation system, products are loaded onto the ship in packages according to the number of pieces. Whether the ship is full or not when the time comes, it gets up.

Irregular (tramp) transportation: In this system, ships go to the port according to the excess of the load, not according to the scheduled time. The main thing is the presence of the load. They are classified according to the weight of the load. The ship does not leave the port before it is full. By Trump transportation method generally; Products such as coal, crude oil, underground mines, sugar and fertilizers are transported.

Types of International Shipping

Ship transportation is divided into 5 different types according to the load to be transported and the mode of transportation.

Container Transport: It is the system in which part of the maritime transport takes place. They are large crates designed to carry loads, he might say. It also has different types within itself.

Complete container transportation (FCL): A container is the transportation of only one company's product by the large load to be transported.

Partial container transportation (LCL): If a company's product to be transported does not fill the container, it is the placing of different company products until the container is full.

Tanker Transportation: It is the transportation of gases and chemicals by tankers on board. It can also be called dangerous goods transport. Two types of tankers are used, generally tankers carrying liquefied petroleum gas, known as LPG, and tankers carrying liquefied natural gas, known as LNG. Oil, gas and natural gas-like substances are loaded into the tankers on board by pumps. The evacuation of the tanker is provided by the ship's own pumping system.

Bulk Cargo Transport: It is a freight transport system generally used for fluid solids. It is used in the transportation of products such as sugar, cement, mineral ore, grain salt.

RO - RO Transportation: It is the transportation of the transported product to its buyer by using land and sea transportation together. It is one of the examples of the liner system. It is especially used in transportation preferred door-to-door or from warehouse to warehouse. The products that are filled from the warehouse to the truck arrive at the port, then are put on the large ships carrying the trucks and unloaded at the destination port. From here, the truck goes to the warehouse where it has to go by road.

Combined Transport: It means using one or more of the road, sea, railway or even air transport together until the cargo is loaded on a pallet or containers and reaches its recipient.

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Why Should Container Transport be Preferred?

It is a liner type transport system. So everything progresses within a certain plan.

It saves time as the containers are put on and off the ship with their own cranes.

The products you send arrive in a shorter time.

Cost decreases considerably in partial container systems.

In partial container transportation, your shipment is priced per cubic meter.

Thanks to the impact-resistant structure of the containers, the load inside is not damaged.

Since the containers are not airtight, the risk of products spoiling is eliminated.

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