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Etsy from Turkey Shipping How to Submit?

Etsy from Turkey Shipping How to Submit?

Today, the understanding of trade has become quite different. People do not shop by visiting that store, this store is mine. People's shopping habits have changed radically. People can get all their needs from anywhere with internet. This resulted in the removal of the borders of the region and the country in shopping. In short, with the globalization of trade, people have the opportunity to sell and buy in the same way from the country they are located to all over the world. Those who deal with trade in sales made through e-commerce can open sales stores in global shopping sites and put the products they want to sell from there for sale. One of the global shopping sites we mentioned in Etsy, a virtual shopping platform. In order to sell on Etsy, you must accept the site's sales procedures.




The most important procedure of Etsy is of course the parts related to the delivery of the products to the buyer on time. When you open a sales store in Etsy, wherever the buyer is in the world, the product must reach the buyer within the promised time in the system. For this, e-commerce businesses have to plan all these details in advance when they open a store on virtual shopping sites that are popular around the world. The first sales transaction has not been realized from how to send them to send the seller overseas selling out Turkey, which international cargo transport company will use the company's delivery times, pricing, how to do, you should plan how you until you get to send the recipient must go through the process, detailed calculations should be made. In cases such as prolongation of the shipment process, there is a risk of damaging the commercial reputation of the seller through that system. In order not to take this risk, it should not be forgotten that the most important point in e-commerce is the shipping stage of the product as much as the product sale. Etsy as turkbox for sending cargo from Turkey to deliver solutions to all your needs, we need at this point.




Etsy from Turkey Product Submissions



When you open a store on Etsy, you accept all procedures related to shipping the product to the buyer. The most important of these procedures is of course the duration of the delivery. The Turkish seller, who has opened a virtual store in Etsy, is obliged to send the product sold directly to the buyer's address, not to Etsy, after the sales process has taken place. For this, the seller company should clarify in advance all the details about sending the cargo before selling. Because after the sale is made, the product sold must be delivered to the buyer within the specified time. In general, the virtual store owners who sell from Turkey to abroad prefer to send their orders via PTT cargo. However, with the delivery time of the PTT cargo that lasts between 10 days and 14 days, this process can be further extended. Unfortunately, they are embarrassed to both their buyers and Etsy. In parallel to this, they experience loss of reputation over the virtual store they open in Etsy. Of course, the most important reason for the seller company to prefer PTT cargo is that it is completely economical. However, in virtual sales, your sales performance is directly affected by the delivery of the product to the buyer on time. In other words, while you think that you have increased your profitability from one place, on the other hand, you will suffer a loss of customers.




Cargo Solution for Sellers on Etsy



You have decided or opened your virtual store on Etsy. The buyer of the product you put up for sale on Etsy may be someone residing in all corners of the world. So the main thing here is the ability to deliver the products you sell to the buyer as well as your sales. Because, delivering the products to their buyers on time is one of the basic principles of e-commerce as well as selling. For this reason, Turkish sellers who open virtual stores in Etsy need a solution partner that can transport their cargo to all corners of the world in a timely manner, at affordable prices, in order to continue this process in a healthy way. The seller company should clarify all these details before starting to sell, decide on the cargo company to work with, and make the necessary agreements and negotiations with the cargo company. The seller dealing with e-commerce sales should carefully choose the cargo company that will be the solution partner. The seller should do price research when choosing the cargo company, but never choose only based on price. Here, the most important issue that the seller should pay attention to is the delivery time of the cargo. Because the seller's continuity in sales is directly related to this criterion. For this reason, it is extremely important for the cargo company to deliver the products to the buyer at an affordable price, on time and as received. After the seller has made the necessary research and negotiations, he should determine the cargo company that will be his solution partner. The seller's trust in the cargo company is very important. At the same time, the cargo company must have an institutional and principal that can adhere to this trust.




Shipping Submissions from turkbox with Etsy to Turkey


As the urkBox family, we are aware and aware of the importance of timely delivery of the products they sell by e-commerce. We are ready to be the solution partner of e-sellers with our professional and corporate working principle. We use all of our possibilities to bring quality service to e-sellers with affordable price options. We provide free micro export support to those who deal with e commerce business. As Turkbox family, we provide uninterrupted communication support by understanding the state of e-sellers and always finding solutions to their problems. Etsy sellers who want to make a submission to the cargo from Turkey with Turkbox beginning of the process until the completion of assists in the day we declared we deliver the packages to buyers. We deliver your products that were not accepted by the buyer at the time of delivery or that could not be delivered for any reason, by returning them as we received them. If you are looking for a solution-oriented, professional, reliable, fast and economical cargo company, you can get to know us closely through our website and contact us via our online information line or whatsapp communication line. You can get free support from our customer representatives on any issue you have in mind, and get information about our special price options. In addition, you can discuss in detail how your shipment should be packaged and how your prepared shipments are delivered to us. By joining the Turkbox family, you can receive praise for your fast delivery while offering your customers the comfort of timely, trouble-free delivery.

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