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Who can ship internationally? Can I make individual shipments without my company?

You can make your international shipments personally from your personal account or, if you have a company, from the corporate accounts you have created for your company.

How can I make international cargo shipping through you? Is there a requirement?

There is no requirement to benefit from Türkbox services. By subscribing to our site, you can easily send your cargo to 226 countries of the world.

Can we send anything we want abroad?

No. It is not possible to send products whose transportation is prohibited (see) specified in the legislation.

Are the rates on the payment page up-to-date?

Your shipment that you add to your cart in Euro is collected in TL over the daily updated parity on the payment page.

In what currency should I make my payments?

Our international shipping fees are calculated in Euros on the homepage. On the payment page, payment is received in TL equivalent of the shipment due to regulations.

How should I calculate the weight of my package?

Your international shipments are handled in 2 different ways as kg and volumetric weight. You can use measurement tools such as scales and scales for the weight of your shipments in KG. The formula used for volumetric weight is (Length * Width * Height) / 5000 formula.

Volumetric weight calculation example:

Length: 40 cm Width: 20 cm, Height: 10 cm, our volumetric weight: (40 * 30 * 10) / 5000 = 1.6 kg

After we prepare our shipment, how will we deliver it to you?

After making the payment and preparing your shipment, you can go to any branch of our contracted partner Yurtiçi Kargo and send your package to us free of charge without paying an extra charge.

To the sender:

Your name and your surname

It is enough to write your address and phone number.



To the receiver part:


"680649583" It is enough to write Turkbox Istanbul Cevizli branch.

Your package arrives at our Istanbul Transfer center within 1-2 days and is sent abroad between 15:00 and 17:00 in the afternoon.

The tracking number of your shipment, which is forwarded abroad, is instantly sent to your e-mail address.

How should we proceed if we miscalculate the dimensions or weight of our shipment?

When your shipments reach us, their weights are checked again by the Türkbox team. If the weight of the shipment is different from the specified weight, our customer representative will contact you.

Due to the principle of transparency, Turkbox allows you to photograph the weight of your shipments on the scale and see the weight image of your shipment from the customer panel.

Is the content of our posts checked?

Yes, the content of your packages is controlled according to the legislation.

Is the package of our shipments changed?

In your international shipments; The packaging of your products must comply with the standards. Shipments that are torn, burst and have to be changed are repackaged free of charge by our team.

Who will pay the Customs costs that may occur, and what will happen if they are not paid?

Every package you send abroad enters the customs of the recipient country. Whether there will be a customs fee depends on the customs rules of that country. And this is mostly at the initiative of the customs officer. For example, while the total value of the customs free proforma invoice determined for 2018 in the United States is 800 USD, it may drop to 20 Euros in Germany, and even the product you specified with a proforma value of 5 Euros is not found convincing by the customs officer and customs tax can be imposed. The costs of the product with customs tax must be borne by the buyer. Expenses may increase when asked to be covered by the sender. If the customs tax is not paid by the buyer, the products are destroyed. In case of a refund request, for the minimum value, 175 USD + Return return shipping fee + customs costs incurred in the receiving country must be paid by the sender.